Who We Are

Here at Obubu, we plant cultivate, harvest, sell and distribute green tea to almost everwhere in the world. Obubu, the name of our company, is slang in Japanese for tea. We send our custmers fresh, top-quality green tea directly from our well-known tea fields in Kyoto, Japan.


Although our team is relatively small, we emphasize meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients and stress the importance of making informed decisions about with whom you choose to do business. Our size also allows our customers more of an inside-look and a more personal feel regarding our staff and their day-to-day activities. Furthermore, we have eliminated all of the in-between distributors, wholesalers and retailers, selling directly to our customers. In doing so, we have kept our business strategy simple and effective; also letting us keep a small and family-like staff.


Our founder and president, Akihiro Kita, was so impressed with the beauty, health-benefits and rewards of the tea fields here in Kyoto, that he left college early to pursue his dreams of building his own tea company. Dedicated, he continues to enjoy working in the serenity of his tea fields so much that, even as president, he is the one and only farmer at Obubu, and insists on taking care of his client's fields all by himself.


Akihiro Kita

V.P. Sales Manager
Yasuharu Matsumoto

English Customer Support
Lisa Albarian

Shipping Manager
Kayo Takeuchi